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Ali Abdaal’s Course on How to Study Exam: Overview, feynman, and active recalling

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·Oct 30, 2020·

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This is what is great about Ali Abdaal, he can understand thing so he can teach it to us. In the first lesson, he has covered up all of the concept in vague, understanding, memorizing, and focusing. He honestly said that these steps and a lot of materials that he will teach us is coming from a book called Make It Stick, for me it is okay, because he is a good explainer, and a british, although I just need to read the book, listening from him still have a lot of value that I can’t miss.

Starting the first lesson for understanding, he brought the feymann technique. Which lead to procedure of questions: Is it make sense for me? and Can I make a 5 years old understand about this? These questions encourage us to see bigger and narrower picture of problems we handle, by recalling it in explaining people.

Basically those implementation of Feyman technique is a process of active recalling. This active recalling try to call the concept that is inside our head. When we do active recalling, the connections in brain are stronger. Testing ourself makes we perform better than people who do cramming or mind mapping.

Active recalling should be part of our learning process and not as it goal. When we learn we have to actively active recalling what we have just studied, we make the connection in our brain to be strong easier because it will help you in the next recalling, which will help you in the next recalling, and then help you in the next recalling again.

Our brain is like muscle, the harder it is to work, the easier it will be in the next typical work. But as a I read Atomic Habits, hard things makes us tired so then we can’t create a habit. So to satisfy to goals, understand and consistent in the process of understand, I have to remember that when things goes really hard so I can’t continue, I have to reduce its weight.


Thanks for reading. This article is a course notes from How to Study Exam by Ali Abdaal. So this article is actually an approach to do what this article say.

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